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Benefits, challenges, and the required managerial tools 2 advantages. Introduction culture is a word with many shades of meaning. Many people mistakenly use such phrases as american culture, white culture, or western culture, as if such large, common, and homogenous cultures exist in the united states today. For young children to develop and learn optimally, the early childhood professional must be prepared to meet their. Terms to know multiculturalism focuses on the creation of equal educational opportunities and positive attitudes toward differences. Cultural diversity makes our country richer by making it a more interesting place in which to live. Section iiinformation pertaining to employees attitude toward workplace diversity. Just think how boring a meal would be without chinese, mexican, japanese, italian, german, french or indian food. Many diversity plans give the word a comprehensive meaning, such as. Knowing anothers cultural identity does, however, help you understand the opportunities and challenges that. Applications of all job applicants are kept in a reserve file for a reasonable period. Wikipedias definition of what is cultural diversity cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, as in the global monoculture, or a homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural decay. I have a long work history of demonstrating how i have promoted a positive inclusionary environment, including my current position as a director a nonprofit childrens health services agency. Cultural diversity is important because our country, workplaces, and schools increasingly consist of various cultural, racial, and ethnic groups.

In a multicultural nation such as the united states, one would assume that the concept of diversity would have a clear definition. Pdf the reason why i was interested in writing a research paper on the differences. Cultural diversity and information and communication impacts. Many policy makers have not yet considered how the protection of local or indigenous cultural values conflicts with the forces of globalization. Cultural diversity in the following sections, after a brief conceptual introduction of the notion of cultural diversity, the theoretical discourses and educational programs which recognize the intrinsic value of cultural diversity in education will be traced back to their origins in relation. The diversity within cultures probably exceeds the differences between cultures. These characteristics include thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions, which may be created by people and passed down to future generations. Definition of sociocultural socio cultural is a framework that emphasizes the responsibility of social and cultural context in human learning. Thus, in its universal declaration on cultural diversity, approved in paris in 2001 specifically as a reaction opposed to the expansion of u. Standards and indicators for cultural competence in social work practice national association of social workers prabro25315. Research by mckinsey and company report that companies with workforces comprising a large percentage of diversity in gender, race, and ethnicity often outperform the national industry median by as much as 35%. Second, we explicitly relate our measures to a simple model of social antagonism.

National association for the education of young children 1509 16th street, n. Cultural diversity is related to the dynamic process whereby cultures change while remaining themselves. Cultural diversity definition, the cultural variety and cultural differences that exist in the world, a society, or an institution. Unfortunately, diverse viewpoints and perspectives can also result in increased intercultural conflict in the workplace. Europe together with its expert group on the cultural contexts of health and wellbeing, forms part of a larger project aimed at promoting a culturally grounded approach to enrich policies related to health and wellbeing. Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, the. Culture may be viewed as the unique characteristics or behavior of a group of people. This diversity is embodied in the uniqueness and plurality of the identities of the groups and societies making up humankind. Investing in cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue the united. List of books and articles about cultural diversity.

Dying languages and urbanization are threats to cultural diversity. The nations children all deserve an early childhood education that is responsive to their families, communities, and racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. Cultural diversity also makes our country stronger and better able to compete in the new global economy. These people fail to acknowledge the presence of cultural diversity, or the presence of multiple cultures and cultural differences within a society. Cultural diversity and information and communication.

On the other hand, diversity is a state or quality of having many distinct types, forms, or ideas. Cultural diversity is a growing phenomenon that has increased attention and importance in the 21 st century. What is diversity and what are cultural differences. Cultural diversity makes the united states a much more interesting place in which to live for all of its inhabitants. Cultural diversity, communication, learning, cultural stratifications 1. A read is counted each time someone views a publication summary such as the title, abstract, and list of authors, clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the fulltext. Download this article pdf cultural, linguistic, ability diversity are you selfaware. Culture and diversity are two words that both connotatively and denotatively refer to the state of uniqueness and variety. Cultural diversity definition of cultural diversity by. Lets try to develop a personal feeling for what is meant by the term culture. Responding to linguistic and cultural diversity can be challenging.

Cultural differences between people may include their language, beliefs, traditions and arts. How well the workplace embraces cultural diversity may spell a companys competitive edge and profitability. Aug 07, 2014 wikipedias definition of what is cultural diversity cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, as in the global monoculture, or a homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural decay. Culture is a combination of human knowledge, beliefs and behaviors. These characteristics or behaviors make up the total personality of the group.

The project on the cultural contexts of health and wellbeing argues that incorporating cultural awareness into. Diversity can generally be defined as recognising, understanding and accepting individual differences irrespective of their race, gender, age, class, ethnicity, physical ability, race. These policies would facilitate contacts across communities, promote tolerance, trust and respect towards other groups and, in the end, would help develop new national identities. Third, we develop new measures of cultural diversity and analyze their correlates. What is cultural diversity an article by michael soon lee. Unesco universal declaration on cultural diversity pdf. Many of the questions raised pertaining to cultural issues are newand, as you will see, some of the ways that cultural issues are approached may be of questionable merit.

So just knowing one persons cultural identity doesnt provide complete or reliable information about that person. Cultural diversity, knowledge diversity and innovation ub. Have you thought about culture lately, including your own. Diversity is defined here in a broad sense as human groupings based on race, ethnicity, gender, class, age, religion, sexual orientation, learning styles, nationality and. The phrase cultural diversity can also refer to having different cultures respect each others differences. The cultural diversity lens 11 cultural diversity, a common heritage to be safeguarded, a process to be promoted, and a strategic lever for sustainable development, is a decisive issue for the twentyfirst century. Y oung children and their families reflect a great and. We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services. Cultural diversity definition of cultural diversity at. Interculturalism is the sharing and learning across cultures that promotes understanding, equality, harmony, and justice in a. Real world examples from such regimes would be on one side, traditional low tech industries, in which innovation intensity is lower than others.

This publication was produced by the cdm group, inc. As a foreign student, i witnessed some of these differences, but the one. Cultural diversity, knowledge diversity and innovation. Cultural diversity find, read and cite all the research you need on researchgate. Chapter 1 introduction perspectives on cultural integration. Cultural diversity and human rights article4 human rights as guarantees of cultural diversity the defence of cultural diversity is an ethical imperative, inseparable from respect for human dignity. Cultural diversity is the term given to a range of societies or peoples, with different origins, religions and traditions, all living in a specific region. There are major facts and trends that maneuver this in the beginning of this century. A foundational definition by edgar schein of mits sloan. In either case, the study of cultural and socioeconomic integration patterns. We can learn from one another, but first we must have a level of understanding about each other in order to facilitate collaboration and cooperation. If we all thought alike imagine how boring the world would be.

Amf managing cultural diversity training program it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the australian multicultural foundations managing cultural diversity training program. Swick 1987 notes that cultural influences on children come from many sources including the family, neighborhoods, child care centers, and the media. Creating and celebrating diversity in preschool classrooms. Cultural diversity includes but is not restricted to. Cultural diversity is here defined as heterogeneity of national cultures of team members. This webbased toolkit is offered free of charge to anyone.

Multiculturalism and diversity focuses on the ways in which history and identity inform each other, and examines the politics of culture as well as the politics of cultural identities within the u. To manage effectively in a global or a domestic multicultural environment, we need to recognize the differences and learn to use them to our advantage, rather than either attempting to ignore. A position statement of the national association for the. Cultural diversity psychology definition iresearchnet. To the extent that it is practical, reference to these files shall be made. The cultural contexts of health team of the division of information, evidence, research and innovation, including claudia stein director, nils fietje research officer and signe nipper.

The topic of cultural diversity creates one of the most important issues in the. To these ends, it presents a robust definition of culture and outlines key options for health policymakers to consider. At first glance, cultural diversity appears to be a redundant phrase. Furthermore, hofstedes definition of national culture will be used as based on which country the person grew up.

We help companies realize the promise of diversity by helping them to manage and overcome crosscultural conflict. Cultural diversity is the quality of diverse or different cultures, as opposed to monoculture, the global monoculture, or a homogenization of cultures, akin to cultural decay. A lifelong endeavor, cultural competence is a continuous learning process of sensitivity, respect, and understanding of others diversity. Discover the importance of cultural diversity at purdue global. After more than 30 years of advocacy in favour of culture and development, truly taking action and embed. Inclusion is the deliberate act of welcoming diversity and creating an environment where all different kinds of people can thrive and succeed. Each culture has basic standards for social interaction such as personal space distance, eye. Cultural diversity definition and conceptual perspective. Pdf available in zeitschrift fur erziehungswissenschaft 101. The globalization of economies and the migration has dramatically increased opportunities while also affecting organizations in a manner that it. In reference to cultural competency, diversity refers to having many kinds of attitudes, policies, and competent behaviours. This training program has been developed by the australian multicultural foundation amf, in association with robert bean consulting, as a resource.

Drawing on theoretical insights from anthropology, cultural studies, and sociology, and informed by new histories of diverse historical orders, this book presents a new theoretical account of the relationship between cultural diversity and international order. The pr esent paper just showe d the most o bvious cultural diversity based on the researchers experiences as a f oreign students and it do esnt want to evalu ate none of. Definitions of diversity jmc programs have created a smorgasbord of definitions for diversity. Illustrates the basic proposition that each of us is a unique multicultural human being and that culture affects individual self definition, experience, behavior, and social. Fort hays state university notes that cultural diversity is possible when individuals accept, acknowledge and value the different ways in which people interact and live in the world. Play and cultural values communicating cultural values to young children is a part of every society. Spector, cultural diversity in health and illness, 9th. Wp516 search working paper cultural diversity, knowledge diversity muge ozman, erkan erdil june 20 and innovation. It offers specific actions that individual leaders and managers can take to improve their work environment by addressing diversity and inclusion issues. Cultural diversity is a subject that has been getting growing attention not just internationally but also in sweden in the 21st century. Cultural diversity refers to having a variety of cultures or human societies within a specific region. The attributes that i have demonstrated towards being sensitive and promoting an.

The week one definition is not the same as current descriptions as a result of population change. This paper deals with the historical development and foundational understandings of both the term culture, from anthropology, and its appropriation by industrial organization researchers to organizational culture. Managing cultural diversity the five cultural dimensions highlight the important cultural differences in organizations. There are different definitions of culture, but the most important ones are as follows. Stephen butler, cochair of the businesshigher education forum, believes diversity is an invaluable competitive asset robinson 2002. Aug 07, 2009 illustrates the basic proposition that each of us is a unique multicultural human being and that culture affects individual self definition, experience, behavior, and social interaction moves from early simple definitions of multiculturalism to more complex understandings focused on culture as learned, teachable shared, and fluid. As illustrated by this definition, diversity tends to be epitomized as cultural. As a source of exchange, innovation and creativity, cultural di versity is as necessary for human kind as biodiversity is for nature unesco 2002, p. Diversity often focuses on the differences, and is referred to as the mix.

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