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Velocity model building methods petrel make velocity model constant and mapped velocity 7. Fault analysis, stratigraphic discontinuities and 3d. The arbitrary polyline intersection is composed of 2 parts, the polygon trace and the vertical seismic intersection. The petrel facies modeling module enables the population all geocellular grids with discrete property values for geological characterization of your reservoir. This polygon extends 156 km in the northsouth direction, and km in the eastwest direction. The polygon trace is stored under the general intersection object in the input tab.

Reservoir characterization, petrophysics,and modeling. Building and using petrophysical attributes mappers and modelers who have used petrel for sometime may be unaware of this simple yet extremely useful tool for calculating zone average attribute values. In petrel, both kinds of algorithms are available in the facies and. May 29, 2017 31 videos play all petrel tutorial anderson rafael rezende alves 8. A geological model comprising structural and stratigraphic framework for the ak field strata was constructed by combining data from well logs and a seismic volume spanning the areal extent of the field. Fault modeling in petrel this is done by first defining the faults in the process called fault modeling. Petrophysical evaluation of well log data and rock physics.

The petrophysical analysis indicates narrow 812% porosity range while wide permeability ranges from 0. Several petrophysical models are created using different inputs and methodologies in order to examine the geologic merits of each, and total pore volume is calculated for each model. It was founded in 1996, and commercially released in 1998. The course covers basic geostatistics, data preparation, data analysis, facies and petrophysical modeling. Petrophysical modeling objectives 1 1 discuss different facies modeling techniques deterministic techniques stochastic techniques learn how to use common settings setting filters using many realizations learn how to use zone settings define zones. Analytics velit incorporates crossplots, histograms and numerical optimisation, enabling you to interrogate the well and processing velocities in many different ways, manually, or by utilising our predefined workflows. A simple petrel based workflow is described which can be used to automatically modify geomodel properties in model cells associated with completion intervals. This technique will model the complex and heterogeneous. Static reservoir modelling of a discovery area in interior. It allows the user to interpret seismic data, perform well correlation, build reservoir models, visualize reservoir simulation results, calculate volumes, produce maps and design development strategies to maximize reservoir exploitation. Petrophysical modeling is performed by two methods. Afmdb1 facies modeling aphmb1 petrophysical modeling afrdb1 discrete fracture modeling aagrb1 advanced gridding and upscaling acapb1 petrel combined hma and pfo awlpb1 well deliverability and pipesim engine apfsb1 frontsim locked ahmab1 history match analysis hma arsmb1 production forecasting optimization pfo argmb1 reservoir.

Petrophysical modeling in petrel was used for the population of porosity property from the wells. Use these methods in the early stages of your modeling projects to ensure. Log interpretation, or formation evaluation, requires the combining logging tool. Petrophysical model accurately identified porosity distribution. Building complex models in extensional and compressional settings duration. You learn different ways to create property models and how to condition models to existing models and secondary data. The process of well log up scaling is required to post values in. The model allows for the estimate of acoustic data where no or limited acoustic data exists.

Reservoir model, full field simulation model, petrel, inplace volumes. A reliable 3d seismic interpretation will be a direct input into the petrel 3d grid model, petrophysical modeling will be required to optimize rock and fluid property. After data were entered to petrel software, correlation section of fauqi wells were made. Bulk volume, depth, height above contact, and more. Jul 28, 2017 petrophysical evaluation of well log data has always been crucial for identification and assessment of hydrocarbon bearing zones. Building a 3d geological model using petrel software for asmari reservoir, south eastern iraq article pdf available in iraqi journal of science 562c. Reservoir petrophysical modeling and risk analysis in. The geographix software was used to carry out the petrophysical evaluation. Although many software packages contain readybuilt petrophysical models or component routines that can be called upon, many loganalysis problems are unique and require that built to purpose models be constructed. Discovery group does not attempt to force fit petra into that mold, we have several specialized petrophysics packages available for our workflows ywe do use petra for batch processing of large numbers of. Petrophysical evaluation was carried out using empirical correlations to estimate the petrophysical parameters of the reservoirs.

Petrel platform enables highresolution, quantitative. Sgs method is a stochastic simulation method which implements geostatistical rules to predict and simulate reservoir parameters in three dimensions of the reservoir. Portion of a workflow used to merge digitized contours with points example is for thickness data. Often, the model is calibrated using core, production, test and other data sets. Petrophysical data representing the average petrophysical value at the location where a well penetrates the zone can be calculated in petrel or by other programs and then imported into petrel. Reservoir modeling with petrel linkedin slideshare. The modeling input parameters editor is enabled for petrophysical modeling, which supports editing, viewing, exchanging, and reporting all petrophysical modeling parameters inside a flexible, unified, tabular interface.

In petrel, both kinds of algorithms are available in the facies and petrophysical modeling processes. Petrophysical properties of mishrif formation at amara oil field is determined. This section will describe general things about the property modeling, such. Geological survey groundwater research project for abu dhabi emirate, united arab emirates by donald g. Petrophysicists interpret acquired well log data from newly drilled wells from a field to provide insights on reservoir rock properties such as relation between porosity and permeability on log scale, porosity, initial water saturation, 2d volumetrics, calculating net reservoir rock ntg, etc. Velocity modelling in petrel and depth conversion analytics. The main objective of this dissertation is to quantify petrophysical properties of conventional and unconventional reservoirs using a mechanistic approach.

Wallace international, llc provides expert petrophysical consulting, indepth analysis and reservoir modeling services to the upstream petroleum industry. Geometrical property modeling geometrical modeling is the process where you can use some predefined functions to generate properties e. Porescale numerical modeling of petrophysical properties. The polygon was exported to petrel 2016 as a shape file and was used to. Figure9 distribution of effective porosity in the model water saturation modeling water saturation log derived from quantielan was used for three wells in the area. Petrophysical model accurately identified porosity distribution using the petrel platform and the geostatistical software library gslib, a stochastic petrophysical model was generated through sequential gaussian simulation biased by facies distribution, which honors well data, petrophysical data transformation porosity, variogram, and trends. Static reservoir modeling using well log and 3d seismic. Pdf geostatistical modeling technicality hasutilized to build the geological models.

The datasets seismic volume, well logs, check shot and well header used for this study were imported into petrel via a cdrom containing information of about 590 megabytes in their various formats. Paper open access modeling of petrophysical properties. Petrel petrophysical modeling enables the population of geocellular 3d grids with continuous datawhether the distribution is to be conditioned to well data. Analyze data geostatistically prior to populating the geocellular model with facies and petrophysical properties, using a range of deterministic and stochastic algorithms. Petrophysical engineering discipline is a member of the reservoir integrated study and management team. Tarequzzaman assistant pro slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Asnul bahar, mohan kelkar as the oil companies define business units and asset teams, it is becoming increasingly important that all the team members understand the workflow in developing integrated reservoir description for that asset. Building and using petrophysical attributes petrel 2010.

Property modelling used for modelling in petrel is split into 2 separate processes. We believe geolog offers the best solution for petrophysical interpretation in a userfriendly software application. You will need to refer to the petrel help manual or to a petrel introductory. All are useful for building fault models in the petrel modeling workflow but generally only fault polygons are used when working in the petrel mapping workflow. Pdf appropriate algorithm method for petrophysical properties to. Arbitrary polyline intersection to create data in a 3d window, there needs to be an object to supply x, y and z reference points. Petrel workflow for adjusting geomodel properties for simulation. Pdf building a 3d geological model using petrel software for. I use these models and sensitivities in the framework of a gradientbased optimization. Felix2 and itiowe kiamuke3 1,2,3department of geology, university of port harcourt, port harcourt, nigeria. A comprehensive deterministic petrophysical analysis.

Reservoir characterization, petrophysics, and modeling. Installation of the wizard is an option and requires some disk space. The petrel platform delivers workflows that greatly enhance reservoir knowledge. Facies model of flow units sequential indicator 81 3. Certain operations are more efficient when seismic data are resident in. Modeling workflow but generally only fault polygons are used when. Other elements of the modeling process such as facies distribution and. Petrophysical evaluation and volumetric estimation within.

I have selected three facies ie sandstone, shaly sandstone and shale on the basis of basic log analysis which. Upscaling in the vertical directionwell logs upscaling 10. Petrel offers several algorithms for modeling the distribution of petrophysical properties in a reservoir model 5. These petrophysical measurements will be fed into the thalassinoides burrow networks and host medium in the 3d geological modeling. A detailed petrophysical evaluation was conducted for the kn wells namely kn 3, 4, 5 and 6. The ocean for petrel wizards the ocean wizards and developers tools in visual studio 6 installing the ocean for petrel wizards the ocean for petrel wizard is installed as part of the ocean for petrel sdk installation process. Petrel is a software platform used in the exploration and production sector of the petroleum industry. T he purpose of this article is to illustrate some of the tools available in petrel property modeling that allow you to successfully integrate data f rom different source s and of different. Unconventional transport mechanisms are described from the pore to the reservoir scale to examine their effects on macroscopic petrophysical properties in hydrocarbonbearing organic shale. The cells with the values for the well trajectories are merged with the. Correlations established between desired rock properties and measured physical properties were used to derive rock properties such. Using the petrel platform and the geostatistical software library gslib, a stochastic petrophysical model was generated through sequential gaussian simulation biased by facies distribution, which honors well data, petrophysical data transformation porosity, variogram, and trends.

The structural geological model was constructed from a using previously interpreted depth maps and faults. Apr 11, 2020 i am working on the petrophysical modeling of the sandstone reservoir suing petrel. Utilization petrel 2014 software for building 3d structural, petrophysical models. Multimin is an optimizing tool for statistically determining mineral and fluid characteristics and volumes from petrophysical data, such as logs, cores, xrd, and petrographic data. Petrel is a windows based software for 3d visualization, 3d mapping and 3d reservoir modeling and simulation.

Construction of new petrophysical models is normally driven by the data available and the nature of the problem to be solved. The purpose of this step is to define the shape of each of the faults. This is presentation for students for education purposes. From a fluid flow model based on the diffusivity equation, and a seismic model that is founded on principles of elasticity and rock physics, i determine the sensitivity of production and seismic measurements to variations in petrophysical properties. With geolog, we can work with more information than with any other platform. Petrel petrophysical modeling schlumberger software. The interpretation of the logs in general was performed using a deterministic approach and generated output curves for shale volume, net to gross, effective.

Petrophysical models porosity and water saturation have been constructed for each zone of asmari reservoir using random function simulation algorithm. The hugoton static geomodel was constructed using petrel. The report captures the geophysical, geological and petrophysical data and. The past ten years, we have developed a number of petrophysical models for specific requirements. Multiple 3d static geological models will be constructed using the multipoint statistics function in petrel 2016. Geological modeling for yamama formation in abu amood oil. It enables both simple and complex workflowssuch as seismicdriven modeling in which probabilities can be used in several different ways to help create a realistic representation of the depositional facies or lithologies. Petrophysical model is the interpolation or simulation of continuous data e. Geolog is a versatile tool that enables us to load and manage the latest generation of well logs in a single interface. The main steps of setup a geological model of a crude oil reservoir using petrel 2015 software system are. Abstract integrated 3d seismic and petrophysical studies were carried out to enhance the characterization.

Petrophysical analysis reservoir evaluation training. Simulation of petrophysical parameters of asmari reservoir. Petrophysical analysis of geophysical logs of the national drilling company li. Porosity model porosity model was built depending on the results of porosity logs density and neutron which. Petrel petrophysical modeling enables the population of geocellular 3d grids with continuous datawhether the distribution is to be conditioned to well data, to previously modeled facies properties, or to both. Petrophysical properties and reservoir modeling of mishrif.

The standard format for 2d and 3d seismic data is segy, a binary format that can easily be imported into petrel. Modeling input parameters can be saved as objects to reuse, share, and include in workflows. Creating probability trend models for facies properties. Appropriate algorithm method for petrophysical properties.

Pdf building a 3d geological model using petrel software. The module provides the tools users need to easily and accurately model reservoir properties such as porosity, permeability, net to. Comparison of faciesconditioned models to those not. Petrel is a software package, which is a product of schlumberger that allows the user to build a reservoir model with properties to export to a simulator. Fault modeling is the process of generating a faulted 3d grid and inserting the horizons, zones and layers into it. Five main petrophysically distinct facies of the sego sandstone. Seismic and petrophysical characterization of selected wells, niger delta oghonyon rorome1, njoku a. View geostatistical modeling of sedimentary facies and petrophysical properties research papers on academia. An overview monye vivian amalaonye industrial traineegeology agenda. If the seismic interpretation is fully picked and terminates cleanly at fault gaps then fault polygons are not really needed.

In present paper, petrophysical evaluation of well log data from cluster of six wells in the study area is carried out in combination with rock physics modeling for qualitative and quantitative characterization of eocene reservoir in chandmari oil field of assam. Innovative petrophysical consulting, analysis and reservoir description services performed by internationally experienced petrophysicists and technologists. Petrophysical analysis of geophysical logs of the national. Petrophysical properties evaluation of tight gas sand. This course is intended for the user with fundamental petrel modeling skills. Ocean for petrel wizards and developers tools in visual studio. Figure 3 illustrates the vertical and horizontal variations in thickness of asmari units as well as the variations in petrophysical properties. Poor reservoir characteristics, in turn, can be the result of sparse or clustered well control, erroneous petrophysical interpretations, or improper model property distribution. This is the most straightforward algorithm for generating realizations of a multivariable gaussian field. Using multidisciplinary multiscale data to create nonstationary facies probabilit y trend models. The property distribution within the reservoir was achieved by employing. Embedded monte carlo uncertainty analysis enables the petrophysicist to assess overall uncertainty on an analysis and identify variables with the greatest impact. The multidisciplinary nature of the reservoir modeling workflow will be emphasized through the different steps of the modeling. Paper open access modeling of petrophysical properties and.

Structural modeling is used for building geological model. Facies model of geological facies object modeling 78 3. Build average 2d petrophysical grids for each zone. The segy data are not copied into the petrel project, rather a link to the seismic data is created. The reservoir is classified as a tight heterogeneous gas shaly sands reservoir.

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